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OAuth 2.0 | Practical Demonstration | Spring Boot & GitHub

Wow! With the 10th article, we're now ready for the practical demonstration. For this, we're going to create a simple Spring Boot Web application that will act as a client application for us, and then we would log in via GitHub to our application. In this demo, we're relying on GitHub authentication and taking the help of OAuth2 to redirect users to the GitHub login screen (in case the user is not already logged in) and then requesting authorization to access the profile information of the user. Thus the resource, in this case, is GitHub's profile information which we're trying to gain access to.

Please go through as we're going to rely on GitHub authentication in our case. Secondly, we're are going to use the authorization code grant type already explained here -

There is a lot of stuff already explained in past articles, you may go through that for a better and easy understanding.

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Mentioning other OAuth articles already published as a handy reference guide for further learning. Do check out in case you missed/want to re-read.

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