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Who am I 

I'm Shiv Narayan Dhiman, having almost a decade of experience in the IT industry. Over this period of time, I got chance to work with companies with business around different verticals like  eCommerce, Logistics, Cruise, and Telecom. Some really talented and smart individuals helped me grow my skills. Currently, I'm working as a Senior Tech Lead with Airtel X Labs, and handling some of the key projects here.

Why Tech Learnings

Tech Learnings is an attempt to share with everyone whatever I learn or have learnt so that the knowledge is not just restricted to me but it's shared with everyone. That's why I thought of this tagline, "Let's learn tech together" 


What Tech Learnings can do for you


If you are also a techie and enjoy sharing your knowledge with everyone, then you are welcome at Tech Learnings. I'll be happy to publish your articles/content. BTW, I do teach Java and related stuff online, if you're willing to learn please do contact me at Till then, let's keep learning together!

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